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The Extreme Tour in Seacombe

The August Bank Holiday weekend was great for two reasons, firstly the weather was amazing, blue skies and sunshine and secondly, the Extreme Tour came to Seacombe.

We'd been planning this event for months, in fact it was in January when we were praying during our 24/7 prayer week that the idea first came to us to put on an event on in Wallasey. We wanted to do something that would really impact our community and bring a bit of joy to our neighbourhood.

Amy Faith Morley performing with the Extreme Tour

At that point, it was just an idea and we weren't exactly sure how things would pan out, how we would get bands for the event or what it would really look like but gradually it came together. In February, we had a visit from the leaders of the Extreme Tour and they were excited to help us and to send some musicians to our event.

Gallery Cat outside the Five Bars Rest

We also contacted our friends at St. Barnabas church in North London and asked them if they would like to send a team of people to help us. We were overwhelmed by their response and their willingness to give up their time to travel from London to help us out.

Frank with his BBQ

It was a fantastic day and a great atmosphere. Our friends from Kingdom Life church were amazing, particularly in providing a free BBQ, which was brilliant. It was also fun having the blow up football pitch and kids were playing in it all afternoon, thanks to Youth for Christ Wirral for lending that to us. The girls loved having their nails painted and there was some great art work by the end of the day in our craft tent. The smaller kids had fun on the bouncy castle while the older kids enjoyed our silly games with shaving foam.

The kids enjoyed the football

Thanks to the Five Bars Rest (Seacombe Social Club) for hosting us. You guys were amazing getting things organised. Thanks to Magenta Living for letting us use the grass area by the pub too. A big thank you to the artists from the Extreme Tour for amazing performances, in particular, Gallery Cat, Autumn Boy and Amy Faith Morley; their love for God came through in their songs and was so powerful as well as a lot of fun. Rapping about random items from the audience was pretty cool from Gallery Cat. Thanks to our friends from St. Barnabas Church in North London for coming 'up north' to help with the kids activities, that was totally amazing, people couldn't help being touched by your love.

Autumn Boy performing outside the Five Bars Rest

We really wanted to do something special for our community and we hope that people enjoyed it. We're looking forward to doing other outreach and community events in the future. We want to share God's love in our community and make a difference to people's lives. We pray that God will bless each person in our community.

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