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Rickshaw Ready

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

It looks like the rickshaw is finally ready to go and it looks fantastic. We put the finishing touches to it yesterday and took it out for a spin along the prom.

My in-laws were my first proper passengers (my kids don't really count do they?!) and they loved it. We only went as far as the Eggy Ferry Pub but it was enough to take in the views across the river to Liverpool and to get a feel for it. They both loved it although my mother-in-law did comment that you need to watch your skirt riding into the wind!

Earlier in the day we'd stuck the "Wake up Wallasey" stickers on the side with the help of my father-in-law. I love these stickers which I got from Sticker App they are really nice quality and add a great touch to the rickshaw.

However, the main work was done by Off the Rocks bike shop. What an amazing job they did - far more and far better than I asked them to do. Not only did they service it for me (which is what I took it in for) but they also sorted out the steering and adjusted the seat position to make it a more comfortable ride. Now I can actually steer the thing (which to be honest, was a bit of a liability before). I just wish I had been there to see they guys testing it out on the hill by the bike shop, one sat on the front with a cup of tea in his hand while the other rode it. Classic!!

So, now the idea is to find people who would like to go out for a ride along the prom, especially people who have trouble getting out and about. I'm guessing this is mostly going to be elderly people but might be others who have difficulty walking. At the moment I will probably need to pick people up on the prom (most likely at the ferry terminal in Seacombe) or in New Brighton as I don't feel confident riding it down any of the steep roads onto the prom at the moment.

We are just waiting for the local council to approve the use of the rickshaw along the promenade and then we will be ready to take bookings. If you are interested then please contact us via the website.

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