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Social Supermarkets

Making food affordable

Our social supermarket provides local people with affordable food and other household items while minimising food wastage.(Click here for more detailed information)

We buy crates/pallets of food from bigger distribution charities who are given it by supermarkets and other companies. We make it available to local people for a reasonable price. People pay what they can afford and many items are free.

A membership scheme operates but you don't have to pay to become a member nor do you have to be on benefits. It's a simple form asking for postcode and the number of people in the household so that we can gauge need and respond to it better.

It isn't just about cheap food, it's about building community too. That's why we have tried to integrate the opening hours with other activities going on in the church building. We also encourage other charities and organisations to partner with us such as Well on Wirral and The Hygiene Bank.  

Please come and visit and become part of our community.


For a nice article about our social supermarket click this link.

Social Supermarket location
and opening times

St.Paul's Church, Church Crescent, Seacombe,

CH44 7AY

Opening times:

12:15 - 12:45

Thursday and Friday


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