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Current Stock 23rd March 

Stock may differ slightly between the two social supermarkets

New chilled stock available each Friday

Cereals etc.

Coco pops (white chocolate)

All Bran

Fibre One bars

Alpen bars

Nature Valley Peanut butter bars

Cakes, puddings, biscuits

Variety of cake mixes such as vanilla sponge, chocolate brownies, truffles

Lemon shortbread mix (I think you need to add egg, butter and milk)

Sour cherries in a jar

Tartlets (small jam tarts)

Sponge fingers

Sprinkles to put on cakes

Poppy seeds (didn't know what category to put them in)

Marshmallow spread (Fluff)

Peanut butter


Pud in a mug mix

Pancake mix

Birds custard granules

Sugar (2kg bags)

Stuff that could be used for main meals

Tins of mixed beans

Tin of cucumbers

Kritharaki (its a pasta that looks like rice)

Vermicilli (it's like really thin spaghetti)

Uncle Ben's long grain rice

Uncle Ben's boil in the bag wholegrain rice

Uncle Ben's rice pots (egg fried rice that you microwave)

Pheasant curry (it is not recommended for children or pregnant women to eat too much pheasant due to the traces of lead shot that may be present)

Pheasant casserole

Dolmio chicken tray bake sauce

Curry mix

Seeds of change white lasagne sauce (past best before date free)

Pot noodles

Pringles (rice fusion, malaysian red curry)

Camp coffee

Kellogg's no added sugar granola sachets

Free from cookies


Kerrymaid baking

Tenderstem broccoli (free)

Radish (free)

Bananas (free)




Green beans (free)

Mini gem lettuce

Tomato and basil soup


Milk (also some frozen)


Stir fry veg


Quorn vegetarian chicken burgers

Squid tubes


Snack type items and sweets

Nairns cheese oat cakes


M&M caramel crunch


Galaxy (various but includes darker variety)

Reese's and Reese's snowman

Various bags of crisps etc. e.g. Nairns Snackers, Cracker Crisps, 

Small snack packs of nuts etc from Lidl (e.g. Protein nuts, Veggie Protein Power)

Kallo yoghurt topped rice cakes


Pure Leaf peppermint tea

Clipper organic tea bags

Cans of ginger beer (Pret)

Tonic water

Sparkling coffee in a can 

Latte coffee in a can

Coconut water

Sparkling lemonade in a glass bottle

Rhubarb cordial

White Lemonade


Diet Coke (I think orange flavour) bottle

Pepsi (I think ginger flavour) bottle


Arla Baby and Me Organic Follow on milk (tin)

Ella's kitchen - carrots, apples + parsnips

Some nappies but very limited sizes (smaller sizes only)

Household and toiletries

Mouth wash

Dishwasher cleaner

Shampoo (anti-dandruff type)


Various creams



Shower gel


Panty liners and other sanitary products