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Wake up Wallasey is a Christian Community Interest Company working to improve the lives of the people of Wallasey

"Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead" James 2v17


Here at Wake up Wallasey, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all.  We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. We seek to draw our community closer together and make a positive impact while sharing our faith and God's love with those around us.

Wallasey is an amazing place to live with some fantastic people but parts of Wallasey, particularly the area around Seacombe where we are based, are very deprived and there are a lot of social problems. Find out more here.

Our aim is to help the community to help itself by facilitating projects and activities within our community and by bringing people together. We are involved in projects in the area including:

  • Free Rickshaw rides along the promenade 

  • Saturday Celebration in the Scout Hut near Tesco (corner of Albermarle Road and Liscard Road). 7pm every other Saturday (next meeting 2nd November - all welcome).

  • Pint of Praise - Organised with Churches Together, this event brings Christians in the area together to sing and worship God over a pint in the pub. Join us at the Egremont Ferrry on 13th November at 7.30pm.

We have now set up our social supermarket  operating out of St. Paul's Church in Seacombe. This will provide local people with food at affordable prices especially for families struggling on a tight budget.  We launced on 7th October and will be open Mondays 3.30-5.30pm and Thursdays 10.30-12.30.

We were also involved in starting up a singing cafe at St. Luke's Church in Poulton which runs on Tuesdays (10.30 - 12 noon). Just turn up  (no charge) to sing songs from the 50's to the 80's. No musical ability required, its just for fun. Free tea and coffee.

For more information about us, look at the about page, For information about the type of activities that we are involved in take a look at our programs page or read our blog posts

Pint of Praise

Join us at 7.30pm this Wednesday (13th November) for some fun, Christian songs, a short talk by John Cheek (soon to be minister at New Brighton Baptist Church) and a pint in the Egremont Ferry, Tobin Street, CH44 8DF. All Welcome.

Social Supermarket 

Open Mondays 3:30-5:30

Thursdays 10:30-12:30

We are very excited to announce that  our social supermarket is now up and running at St. Paul's Church in Seacombe.

We will be open every Monday from 3.30-5.30 and on Thursdays from 10.30-12.30.

We are really excited about helping to support the people in our neighbourhood and getting to know people.

We have a range of items available such as biscuits, rice, cereal, shampoo, sauce mixes, chocolate. We also have intermittent deliveries of chilled/frozen items. See our facebook page for regular updates.

We will sell items at a very reasonable price so that everybody in our community can benefit from the shop.

There will be a limit on the number of items each person can buy so that there is enough stuff for everybody. 

Anybody using the supermarket has to fill in a simple form the first time and then register every visit. This is required because of the grant funding.

See this recent news article about our supermarket

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This project is supported by Magenta Living and Wirral Development Trust


Wake up Wallasey is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Christian Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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